Last Saturday’s Commemorative Event: A Tribute to Perry House

This past weekend, on May 2, past and present members of the Bryn Mawr community gathered to reflect on Perry House, as well as bring closure to the space.

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The committee was honored to have Florence and Nia Turner speak on the rich history of Perry House and the community within it. Florence drew comparisons between student advocacy now and then, highlighting that Perry is a space for students to learn how to champion the causes that matter the most say Meanwhile, Nia emphasized how Perry served as a springboard into spaces where she, and other students, were able to make invaluable connections.

We were excited to have President Kimberly Cassidy join us on Saturday as well. President Cassidy shifted the program to the bright prospects of the college’s relationship to the New Perry House as she remarked on institutional commitment, space for learning, and the centering of student voices. As active members of the Perry House Committee for the past three years and newly elected presidents of the dorm, we delivered the final remarks on the future of the space and presented a challenge to both the Bryn Mawr and Perry House community:

We challenge the community to take on the responsibility to pick up where we left off with Perry House. And even after we get to a place where we want to be, we have to be committed to continue the work.

The event closed with a community art project (more to come on its progress!) as guests mingled, took photos, and enjoyed delicious appetizers. Afterwards, a few guests headed over to Thomas to experience the Black at Bryn Mawr walking tour.


Thank you to everyone who came out. We hope to plan more events to bring the family together in the near future.

– Dani and Khadijah


Special Thanks to Alex Sanyal for these beautiful photos:

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